Jury Duty

Monday I had the pleasure of performing my civic duty by missing a day of work to sit in a room and wait around all day to not get picked for a jury. It’s reminiscent of my grade school days in gym class when you are waiting to get picked for a team for dodge ball, only this lasts 8 hours.

To the courts credit, the people involved tend to be very nice and the judges don’t tend to mind if you use wireless devices while you wait around to be called. You just can’t discuss anything about the case. The courthouse does have WiFi as well. It is not going to be as fast as the connection you have at home, but remember, you are not sharing that connection with nearly as many people. When tested, it was comparable to the speed of the connection I have at work. Fast enough to get work done, but not fast enough to get tickets to the Hirshhorn before they sold out.

New since the last time I was just two years ago are the device charging lockers in the jury lounge, and they have a charging station table like the ones that you see in the airport, each with multiple different connection types since we are far from having a universal plug for charging our phones.



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