Pineapple & Pearls pop up at Archipelago

Last night I had the pleasure of trying out the Pineapple & Pearls pop up at Archipelago. I lined up outside at around 4:30 and waited outside for about an hour before I was able to get in the door, then had to wait a bit longer at the bar to be seated with my group. But the wait was worth it. The tacos were delicious. Considering their prices for their regular restaurant, I figured this was one of the only ways I would be able to try their food.

The wait time once I was inside was eased by the delicious (and strong) tiki drinks served by the very talented bartenders at Archipelago. One can never go wrong with their Captain Cody. I say any drink with Navy Strength Rum is a good start to any night. Hopefully they will decide to do something similar in the near future, and if they do, I  will make sure to get in line a little earlier for less of a wait.


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