There is campaign going on right now to let Congress know we want them to keep their hands off of DC laws and let those of us who live here decide what happens. The charge is being led by our city council members in a twitter campaign. Council member David Grasso (@cmdgrosso) writes “Keep it simple and say ‘I’m calling to tell Rep. _________ to respect the democratic rights of the residents of DC by keeping congress’ #HandsOffDC.'”

I think this is a great script to follow. It will keep the phone calls short, but gets across the message that we need. People to call are listed below with phone numbers:

Representative Amash – 202.225.3831
Representative DeSantis – 202.225.2706
Representative Hurd – 202.225.4511
Representative Issa – 202.225.3906
Representative Blum 202.225.2911


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