New Models Added to #Car2Go Fleet


Mercedes-Benz GLA Car2Go

Yesterday Car2Go DC added a couple of new cars to their fleet. Now instead of a smart car (For a little more money each minute) you can hop in a Mercedes-Benz GLA or CLA and get to your destination in style.

Not too long ago, Car2Go added the new smart cars to their existing fleet of the older models. I though that was a significant improvement because the new ones have a much better ride and turning radius. But now that they have added some luxury cars to their fleet, I am not sure I will be able to go back. I was able to snag a GLA (the small SUV version) yesterday for a thrilling drive to the grocery store. Okay, so it was just an excuse to drive the thing. It was exactly what I thought a Mercedes should be. Nice comfortable leather seats, plenty of space inside, high-end stereo (for NPR of course), and great pickup, which was noticeably lacking in the smart cars.

I would highly recommend checking one out soon if you have the chance. Both of the Mercedes go for $0.45 per minute, $19 per hour, or $79 per day. For more information on Car2Go or to sign up, click here for a link to their page.


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