#NoBanNoWall Protest in DC


Protesters on the east side of the White House

On Sunday, I heard about a protest that was supposed to start in front of the White House to show the president that we are not in support of a Muslim Ban or a Mexican border wall. I thought it would not be too big of a deal and I could swing by and check it out easily. I was wrong. It was packed. I have no idea what the actual number of people was, but it was difficult to move around and I started to get claustrophobic.

After hanging out by the White House for a while chanting things like “He Can’t build a wall, his hands are too small” the protesters started marching down 15th to Pennsylvania, then past the Trump International Hotel and continued on to the Capitol. There was no violence during the protest, and from what I could tell, there were no arrests. DC’s Metropolitan Police were escorting the group and closing off streets to ensure the safety of all involved. See below for more pictures from the event.



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