Women’s March in DC


Women’s March on Washington

On Saturday, I walked down to the Women’s March in DC to stand up for equal rights. The event was  amazing. For the number of people involved (in DC and across the world!) I was stunned at how calm and peaceful the event was. Estimates of the number of people involved just in DC were around 1 million! Congratulations to all that were involved in making this such a successful event with zero violence and even zero arrests. This just proves that it is possible to have a peaceful, successful protest to demand equal rights.

I personally don’t particularly like large crowds and as I have gotten older, I tend to avoid them more and more (college me is laughing at current me right now). However, I never felt uncomfortable on Saturday, even though at some points it was hard to move.

Overall I thought it was a very successful event and hope that everyone that attended had a great time. Click here for more information about the event and what you can do now. Below are some pictures from the event.


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