Republican Lawmakers are meddling with our rights once again

Even before Trump has taken office, House and Senate Republicans are trying to add riders to legislation that will counteract laws that have been passed in the District of Columbia. This old practice is just another way the residents of the colony of DC are disadvantaged by not having a voting voice in the federal government. This is a topic that really burns me up and I will be releasing a full-blown research paper discussing the issue in the near future.

The three items that people are trying to slip into legislation would try to gut the gun control laws in DC, block us from using funding for anything relating to abortions, and  block us from implementing the death with dignity bill.

Below are a list of the Senators/Congressmen that are behind the pieces of legislation and links to their websites. I strongly suggest contacting them and letting them know that you don’t appreciate them meddling in our legal affairs. I have already given them a piece of my mind and plan to continue doing so multiple times a week until I at least get recognition that they know how I feel on the subject.

Senator Marco Rubio is trying to gut our gun control laws. Again.

Representative Chris Smith is obviously more pro-life than DC. Let’s try to remind him of the separation of church and state.
But he doesn’t like hearing from people who are not his constituents, so you will need to resort to other options; call or snail mail:

Senator James Lankford wants to block DC’s death with dignity bill.


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