The Inauguration and Women’s March


From the Jefferson Memorial, looking across the Tidal Basin

Are you planning to go down to any of the events this weekend? There are going to be a great number of street closures and no parking zones starting today and continuing through Inauguration Day and even into the weekend. When living in the city that is the seat of the nation’s government, we sometimes have to deal with some inconveniences like hosting the nation for large events such as this one. Luckily our city is used to it and has the resources to handle the crowds.

If you are looking to get around this weekend, I have included some links below to useful information and maps that will help you get around and know where to be and where to avoid.

I am not a lawyer, and you should not consider this website as legal advice, but here are some helpful tips. If you are going out for any of the events, remember to be safe and remember your rights. In general the police are there to protect and serve. If you find yourself on the wrong end of the law, only give the required information (name and address). If you are being held or placed under arrest, recite these key words “I wish to remain silent. I want a lawyer” All of which must be clearly articulated. Remember that you do not need to give any statement without a lawyer.

Most importantly, stay safe and keep it legal. If you are stopped by the police, stay calm and follow directions. Do NOT make any sudden movements. Ask if you are being detained or if you are under arrest. If they say that you are not, ask to leave.


Here is the official DC government’s Inauguration website, it has useful information and maps that will help you get around this weekend

Know your rights, the ACLU has a website that is the perfect cheat sheet for weekends like this. Check this information before heading our so that you know what to do if something goes wrong.


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